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About Us

AdvaMedDx: Advancing the Diagnostics Industry

The world’s leading diagnostics manufacturers established AdvaMedDx to advocate for the power of medical diagnostic tests to promote wellness, improve patient outcomes, and advance public health in the United States and abroad.

AdvaMedDx is a world leader in advocating for health care policies that support diagnostic testing through robust innovation, timely regulatory approval, appropriate payer coverage, payment rates commensurate with impact on care, and rapid adoption of new, safe, and effective diagnostic tests.

AdvaMedDx member companies produce innovative, safe and effective diagnostic tests. These tests—performed in laboratories, at the hospital bedside, in doctor's offices, in medical clinics, and in the home—facilitate evidence-based medicine, improve quality of care, promote wellness, enable early detection of disease and often reduce health care costs.

AdvaMedDx advances the diagnostic industry's contributions to patient care, public health and the economy by:

  • Promoting an understanding of the value of diagnostics;
  • Making valuable contributions to diagnostics and health care policy;
  • Forming and strengthening stakeholder alliances;
  • Advocating for payment and regulatory policies that foster innovation and accelerate patient access to new diagnostic tests;
  • Engaging policy makers, stakeholders and opinion leaders at the local, national and international levels;
  • Educating diagnostic manufacturers about policy and regulation affecting the industry; and
  • Working with member companies and their associations worldwide to advance diagnostics.

Operating as a division of AdvaMed, the Advanced Medical Technology Association, AdvaMedDx is the only advocacy organization dedicated exclusively to issues facing diagnostic manufacturers in the United States and abroad.