AdvaMedDx Applauds White House Forum on Reducing Antibiotic Resistance

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AdvaMedDx Applauds White House Forum on Reducing Antibiotic Resistance

June 2, 2015

Andrew Fish, executive director of AdvaMedDx, issued the following statement on today’s White House Forum on Antibiotic Stewardship:

“AdvaMedDx commends the administration for convening today’s meeting of key stakeholders dedicated to reducing antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic resistance is quickly becoming one of the world's most pressing health problems – leading to increased and worsening infections and even deaths.

“As AdvaMedDx Chairman John Bishop, chairman and CEO, Cepheid, noted during today’s forum, diagnostic tests will be crucial in any strategy to help reduce the threat of antibiotic resistance. These innovative tests can be used to identify, monitor, track and prevent resistance. Diagnostic test manufacturers are committed to continuing to develop and deploy the cutting edge technologies that are on the front lines of the fight against antibiotic resistance.

“AdvaMedDx would also like to thank AdvaMedDx Board member Namal Nawana, CEO and president, Alere, and BD Medical Senior Vice President Medical Affairs Carlos M. Nunez, M.D., for their participation today and for their highlighting the importance of diagnostic tests in the fight against antibiotic resistance.

“In support of the administration’s efforts to combat antibiotic resistance, AdvaMedDx has committed to important educational efforts with stakeholders and policy makers to raise awareness of – and to help catalyze action on – the growing public health threat of microbial drug resistance. Further, we urge the administration to leverage for the benefit of the public health the existing testing and surveillance capabilities of AdvaMedDx member companies.

“We appreciate the administration’s recognition of the vital role diagnostic tests play to reduce antibiotic resistance. We look forward to continuing to work with the administration and other stakeholders in this effort.”

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