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Webcast on Critical Components to Successful Commercialization of Dx

September 29, 2016
Virtual Webinar

"Companion vs Complementary Diagnostics - What's the Difference and Why It Matters" Pharma's pipeline is becoming more and more targeted and companion and complementary diagnostics are critical components to successful commercialization. However, the industry is still struggling to understand how to plan and integrate diagnostics into strategy.

At the end of the webcast, attendees will have a understanding of the current companion and complementary diagnostic landscape globally and will take away key best practices and strategies to ensure successful targeted therapy launches on a global level.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Definition of companion and complementary diagnostics
  • Current companion and complementary diagnostic landscape
  • Best practices in integrating diagnostics into strategy

Peter Keeling
Chief Executive Officer of Diaceutics Group,
and Chairman of Labceutics

As Chief Executive Officer of Diaceutics Group, and Chairman of Labceutics, Peter has led the creation of a highly data-enabled personalized medicine integrator, focused largely on the needs of the pharmaceutical companies aiming to embed biomarkers and tests into their business model. Peter recognized early on that personalized medicine would be an increasingly large part of the drug development paradigm, representing a shift in how the pharmaceutical industry operates. Today, Diaceutics Group is both a thought leader in the space and provides the top 20 PM Pharma companies with the data, analytics and global lab implementation services required to align biomarker and diagnostic demand with therapy, patient and revenue targets in key markets.

Peter has over thirty years’ experience in international healthcare, first at GSK and Diagnology and then at Diaceutics. He has operated and led companies and teams in the US, Europe, Asia and BRIC countries. Across these organizations Peter has inspired product innovation and global launches and has repeatedly delivered high corporate value growth for shareholders.

Peter has spent two extended periods in applied industrial research, including a year at MIT’s Pharmaceutical Program at the Sloan School of Management in Boston, has published widely, is a seasoned speaker and is considered a thought leader in personalized medicine commercialization.

Webinar begins at 1pm EDT