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World Health Assembly Diagnostics Briefing

May 19, 2015

AdvaMedDx, the European Diagnostics Manufacturers Association (EDMA), and the Global Medical Technology Alliance (GMTA) held the fourth annual diagnostics briefing at the World Health Assembly on Tuesday, May 19 in Geneva.  This year's briefing was titled "Diagnostics: Fighting Outbreaks and Improving Public Health.”

Managing disease outbreaks is a global concern that requires action at local, national and international level. The recent Ebola outbreak was the largest and most complex outbreak since the virus was first discovered. Managing any disease outbreak, in particular of such proportion, is of utmost importance from a public health perspective. An appropriate diagnostic testing infrastructure can contribute towards managing, and minimizing, disease outbreaks early on.

Topics addressed by the panelists included lessons learned from Ebola, innovation in point of care diagnostics for low-resource settings, and how diagnostics infrastructures can be sustained in the long-run, allowing for timely diagnosis and avoiding future epidemics from taking communities by surprise.

Featured speakers included:

  • Prof. Willy Shileanga Urassa, In Vitro Diagnostics, World Health Organization
  • Jennifer Cohn, Medical Director, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) Access Campaign
  • Catharina Boehme, Chief Executive Officer, Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics
  • Duncan Blair, Director of Public Health Initiatives, Alere
  • Dr. Fred Tenover, Vice President of Scientific Affairs, Cepheid